Took a class from Cat Cogliandro, absolutely heartbreaking and amazing!

When people ask me why I take contemporary classes when obviously I’m never going to be anything comparing to those who have trained for lives, I always say that, contemporary dances always remind me of who I am, not as a dancer, but as a person.

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Oct 15, 2011 I just got my first tattoo @ Chameleon a bit before my 21st bday.

It’s been almost a year (9 months to be more exact) since I got my tattoo, and I still got asked frequently “What does your tattoo say?” Close friends, friends, new friends, try-to-be friends, the cashiers of Verdes, the worker in Urban Outfitters and Starbucks, the guys in workshops, all asked. I thought having it inscribed on my right wrist is all for me seeing it everyday, but it turned that it’s always people and their curiosity/nosiness reminding me this tattoo and it’s meaning to me.

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Getting a driver’s license is the predominant reason why I planned to me stay in Taiwan for such a long time (1.5 months!). And finally, half way through my driving classes, I got to drive on the highway!
(or not really the “highway” but the normal roads :p )

Not only had I learned the driving skills, but a lot of live experiences from my driving coach.

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When friends ask me “What do you think will happen if you don’t go to MIT?”
I would say, “Can’t imagine that.”

“Because I wouldn’t be able to dance with such amazing people.”

But when the senior year comes, I just don’t know how much more I can do, or how much more I can reach.

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