One day before departure

After Prinsky’s suggestion, I decided to make this blog bilingual : ). Generally I’ll use English and attach Chinese translation; that is, I will use English as my first language. I hope this can still catch the eyes of old viewers and at the same time invite new viewers to my inner world.

My flight is goin’ to be at 10 am, and now is 12:13 am, pretty cool! I’m leaving. I was supposed to stay at home for the whole day, while Ivy, a co-worker in the Graduation Committee asked for a farewell. We randomly walked around GongGuan and finally stopped by a coffee shop named “Norwegian Wood”, which I believed is named after Murakami Haruki’s novel, or Beatles’ song. We really had a good time, and now she is on the plane to Czech Republic, for her 10-day fantastic trip. After that, on my way to TFG (I’d never thought of going to TFG so many times before I leave Taiwan, frankly) I even bumped into Teresa! (That’s a nice meet by chance)

I went to TFG because I need to turn back something to my friend.

(Last day, you did not know but I cried; when I seemed to be the bravest and resolute as I walked with no turn-back. Every thing was too nebulous to be capable of storing a piece of memory.)

I have many kinds of friends; I’ve said before. Friends which are not essential but sounds good to have one of those; friends that I never worry to lose;

Friends, even though whose every character has already been rooted in my heart, and whose relationship with me strong enough to tie me to stifle, still, are too fragile to lose. It’s like a rainbow. You know how and when it appears; you believe the treasure at the end of the rainbow exists, but you never look for it. You are afraid that if you stick to the treasure you miss the beautiful rainbow. You know that the next rainbow will never be the same, while it will never be any different.

I think it was great to leave from you as usual. Yet, I was just sad, to stare at your silhouette, a sketch, which drives forward as usual.

A time went through my funnel; a bitter lesson of receiving wishes.

(Farewell, Taiwan)



我的飛機在早上十點,然後現在是12:13 a.m.,哈哈!我要離開了。理論上我應該一整天待在家裡,但是畢聯的蘇立雯把我約出來餞別。我們在公館亂晃,然後最後終於找到一間叫「挪威森林」的咖啡店坐下來;那間咖啡店應該是以村上春樹的小說或是披頭四的歌命名的吧!我們共處了一段很不錯的時光。現在她應該在前往捷克的飛機上吧!10天美好的旅行。之後在去北一的路上(老實說,我從來沒想過我會在出國前去這麼多次北一)我竟然碰到王怡珺!(真是美麗的偶然)




我想像平常一樣道別是件好事。 然而,我只是有點難過;看著妳們的側臉,剪影一般,驅使我往前的。



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