A Letter to J


I’m in Boston. I bet your universe functions well; so does mine.

I spent most of my time on the plane sleeping and, reading Haruki Murakami ‘s “After Dark” and a little “Dance Dance Dance”; you know what I intend. I thought about you.

I can’t live in your fiction because I am not supposed to be there. It ‘s not that we are parallel; that is , although we are basically two lines with no intersection, we can still be assumed to intersect at plenty aspects, if we both agree with the general consensus of “space.”

You know what I intend; precisely, you understand me. While I do not. I read Haruki Murakami because I discern a surreal atmosphere, just like the one you wrap your words with. Lyoko* said, “I will not be surprised if you disappear.” I felt the same on Eri in After Dark.

Eri was sleeping, blocked, dimming. In my universe you were just like sleeping; I saw merely your reflection, an unwittingly chosen one.
Mari was told to trust in a connection with her sister. “After all, you are sisters. There must be a time when you two were dependent.” Mari cuddled Eri close (If Eri turned out to be intangible I believe Mari would do the same), while I cannot. I cannot cuddle you and gain a faith in the connection.

“Go to the Dolphin Hotel. To see the Sheep Man. Then there are connections.”
“After reading ‘Dance Dance Dance’ you’ll understand,” the Sheep Man will say, “maybe even after ‘A Wild Sheep Chase’.”

“You don’t make promise, do you?”
“Dance! When you feel alone.”

J, It is still possible that we intersect.
I’ll find the Sheep Man.









「讀完『舞舞舞』妳會了解的,」羊男將會說 「也許還要讀完『尋羊冒險記』。」





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