Tourist #2 Aug 13,2009 (+ a little buzz)

[Pics would be updated soon. Thank you for your patience.]

This is indeed the most “touristic” day I’ve ever been after I arrived Boston. Though days before my sister and I went to Boston College, it was more a field trip than a “pilgrimage.”

After being in Boston for approximately a week, I feel more like a Bostanion!! I opened an account (my credit card would be Red Sox style!), wrote my first check of my life (for the Blue Man Group half-price ticket), jogged in the morning, ate UBURGER and UPPER CRUST, took the “vomit-inducing B-line” everyday(I saw this case in “weekly dig,” a free news paper taking from Bricks), cut down the coupon on the back of the receipts (like a Mom), went to China Town twice (and find foods that’s even cheaper than those in Taiwan LOL).

++++[skip the buzz, jump to the next pluses.]++++

Oh, it’s time to tell you a good news and a bad news.
The good news is that I got a cell phone #. Contact me if you want my #.

[Sony Ericsson G900, 5.0 megapixel, March(?)-Aughst, 2009, R.I.P.]

To make up for such bad news (sorry guys), here’s another medium news:
I actually got another cell phone (NOKIA) from my sister not so long after the death of my previous one (R.I.P., buddy), while all the photos I took before Aug 13 are buried with my G900. I used to take pics by cell phone (that’s why I bought the one with a notoriously unstable system but a 5.0 megapixel camera); my new cell phone has only 3.2 megapixel camera, so I don’t think I will take pictures with this one.

++++[Thank you for your patience, the buzz is now ended.]++++

* The following tour guide will be in a chronicle format.

6:00 a.m. woke up; raining 😦

7:30 a.m. rain stopped; jogged along Commonwealth Ave., about 5 km

8:30 a.m. took a shower; bought 3 one-day passes in Stars* (Shaws)

10:30 a.m. out; took the T (B-Line) to Boylston Street
*For the half-price ticket of Blue Man Group!
When we got there the clerk said there were no tickets for three consecutive seats, but when we came back from the ATM (we didn’t have enough cash, apparently), the clerk said they had it then.
[Conclusion: Great to have no cash in you pocket.]

11:30 a.m. Lunch in China Town
* We went to a Chinese …… (I actually don’t know it’s name in English) Tea House(?).
Sorry for such incomplete information! According to my investigation, 80% of the restaurants my sister brought me to were OK with Chinese; sometimes I felt like living in Taiwan, since I speak Chinese and eat Chinese (or Korean) food everyday.
Anyway, dishes, the Dian-Xin(點心) there were “beyond my imagination” in a positive way! I like the steamed leek dumplings, the fried sesame ball, and the 炸兩腸粉 (fried oil stick wrapped with ……. (something made of rice); the one links shows is not exactly the one I had) so much.
* We even went to a Chinese Bookstore in China Town. There were more magazines than books. I was surprised to see many Taiwanese books (that is, books written in Traditional Chinese, on the contrary of Simplified Chinese)
* The only country practicing Traditional Chinese is TAIWAN. Hong Kong does use Traditional Chinese in a written form, while their spoken language is different from that of Taiwan so we don’t share much characters.

1:30 p.m. MFA – Museum of Fine Art
* It’s when I found my cell phone broken. R.I.P. again.
* My sister and her boyfriend are BU student so they got a pretty good discount of $5.00 for general + special exhibition. Contrary to them, I got a “student” price of $ 26.00 (special exhibition included). I wish I could be a MIT student EARLIER!
And also I hope MIT students get good bargain in places like MFA LOL.

[excerpt: MFA is fantastic :D]
* Is photographing allowed in all museums in the States? I was so surprised to see people taking pictures of artworks! It would be never allowed in Taiwan in most of the places.
* MFA is HUGE! I found it hard to locate myself though. I’m not the type of person who like to absorb a lot at one time, so I felt pretty annoyed to visit a big museum which costs a lot to get in. Well, after I got my MIT ID I would definitely visit there often :D.
* Taiwan, especially Taipei City, does have good museums. Those museums are not old and rich enough, so they don’t have (as far as I know) pretty famous western works. Every time good foreign works land Taiwan, museums would become more crowded than you can imagine.
* To mention one of the most prestigious museums in Taiwan, it must be the National Palace Museum. (I will just briefly introduce it.) After world war II, the Jang government moved to Taiwan and brought(stole) the best works of the Forbidden City. National Palace Museum has many famous Chinese ancient works. National Palace Museum is located in front of a hill; the hill is actually empty inside to store the enormous and precious works.
* The special exhibition is TITIAN TINTORETTO VERONESE (Rivals in Renaissance Venice). It was my first time to see the big framed oil paint in person. They were attractive just to be displayed in such way. I don’t have strong preference for any type of ancient art works; I just like them in general. They are alway equipped with s sort of breath-taking atmosphere when one stares at them.
* I bumped into an artwork called “Eternal Springtime” and I just adore it. In my opinion all the carvings are masterpiece. Just to plan for the shapes makes themselves incredible.

3:30 p.m. went home; B-line again

5:30 p.m. Dinner at Upper Crust!
* It was delicious! 3 people for a small pizza (baby shrimp, tomato, spinach, and extra cheeze!!!) +1 slice & salad. The pizza was just better than the ones I have tasted before (in Taiwan, many pizzas are thick-based (thick dough), while I like the pizza to be more crispy than chewy.)

8:00 p.m. Blue Man Group
* The theater was pretty tiny under any consideration …… but it turned out to be big enough for their performance! I was looking for more blue mans but there were only three …… The show was not VERY impressing but quite awesome.
* I’m not gonna tell you any thing about that show! Haha!

10:30 p.m. Home!

11:00 p.m. Good Night!
* I didn’t do the ordinary-everyday sit-ups 😦

Though the weather was not good, I still had a great and busy time!

Hope to go to one of the pubs on Commonwealth Ave. though ……. anyone with me?


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