The Time Traveler’s Wife

Prior to the subject, BOSTON’S TOO HOT TODAY! Sister and I (and of course her bf) decided to creep into the theater for such weather. (It was just as hot as Taiwan!! and it’s 45-degree latitude! ) They got BU tickets so there was a pretty good bargain. (Sis, “When’re u goin’ to get MIT tickets 4 us?”)

Prinsky told me weeks before that she’s eager for that movie. (“Sorry, but I will be left then.” “FINE.”) Honestly had she never said that I would go for G.I. Joe today. (Deb said it’s great though) To me, I don’t go to a theater for soft movies which bring exactly the same effects as those being brought through HBO; while as we went there just for the air-conditioned environment, I would simply choose the one I felt like watching.

The theater’s at Fenway, and the box for Time Traveler’s Wife was huge with under 30 people watching (well, it’s weekday).

Among the movie ads before the feature, I was caught by “the Blindside.” Apparently it was a mediocre ethical plot which a discriminated black teens (I suppose) ended up found confidence and a sense of belonging from a family and which is no doubt tear-inducing. Well, a person who cried when Dumbledore died in Harry Potter 6 is exactly the one who will cry for Blindside, and the one who cry for The Time Traveler’s Wife.

I’ve never read the original novel before so even though the name itself indicate the outline in certain way I still find it’s idea fresh in general. Both the chief actor & actress are awesome! Their acting is so real and touching, and the plot itself is worth-applausing. Some guys (including me) applaused when the movie ended.

++++++[Skip below if you haven’t watch it.]++++++

I pretty much love the way the author carried out Henry’s exceptional abilities, and I like (though it’s too sad) that Henry witnessed his death before it happens. On the dying scene, the vanishing hand printed on the window stroke me hard. It strengthened the infinite sadness of a time traveler and, depicted well how destiny predominated one’s life. I also like the wedding plot, which Clare wedded to future Henry; some may find this fun, while I saw the same compulsion of Henry’s life.
Oh, and, the way that Henry bid farewell to Ben his best friend expressed utmost sorrow which I found it hard to bear.

Moreover, Rechel McAdams is awesome in both appearance and acting! She was soft, sensitive but strong when she knew she had to. I don’t think she’s a wide-known actress in Taiwan. Hope people notice her through this fabulous movie =D.

++++++[You’re all set now.]++++++

In conclusion, this movie is worth a try! Hope you guys check this out!


方姿懿之前說她想看這部電影。(「可是我那時候就不在台灣勒。」「好啦。」) 老實說如果她當初沒跟我說的話我今天可能就是去看 G.I. Joe了(余家蓁好像說還蠻好看的)。對我來說,我不喜歡看震撼力過低,在家裡看也差不多的電影;但是今天是為了避暑,所以我就直接選我想看的。


在電影開始之前的預告裡,我覺得The Blindside看起來很好看得樣子。(看預告)很明顯就是探討種岐的一般電影:在學校被排擠的黑人少年最後在主角家族的幫忙下找回自信跟歸屬感,看了會哭的那種。well,連看哈利波特6裡鄧不利多死掉都會哭的人,看Blindside和時空旅人之妻也一定也會哭的。


++++++【防雷鐵絲網】 ++++++

Rechel McAdams無論是長相和演技都無話可說!她很溫和和敏感,但是該堅強的時候也很堅強:D。我記得她在台灣沒有很有名。希望大家會因為這部戲注意她!




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