First Day in East Campus

I actually didn’t spend my whole day in East Campus since I had lunch and dinner with my sister and in between went to IKEA (though I didn’t pick up anything important there.)

East Campus
Nasty Kitchen (a sophomore: I did all my dishes in MY sink and stored all my food in MY fridge)
Old Building
Honestly better-than-I-thought restroom
Pretty good American* (the E’F’Ls)

most important of all

(so I’m considering moving lol)

and I don’ t know why I can’t use wordpress and facebook in safari in MIT, the registration page always pop up lol. Annoying.

10:30 a.m.
I had a hard time finding the residence hall in east campus (I was lingering around in other buildings). I thought I may be the earliest of the earliest cus I seems to be the only one on the (east) campus who carried 5 baggages and look utmost exhausted (thanks to my sister and HER BOYFRIEND, my baggages were like concrete.)
Everything from the handles to the floor is sticky. And since the workers were carpeting the floor and gears spread all the way; it seemed that the kitchen was closed due to that reason. (I thought there were no kitchen, thought I remembered there was one on each floor.) On my way to MIT my sister nagged that I should live in Simmons (since it takes only 5 minutes from her dorm to mine), and the nagging came even worse after she saw the mess in east campus. (May also because that the fridge served more like a frozen garbage can. )
Well, I like my dorm and I don’t want to simply forgo my great first impression on EC. Similar to the reason I chose course 4 (why even freshmen remember what each course number refers to?), I believe that everything has its bright side and there is no bad choice but choices that one fails to work further on.

11:00 p.m. after I took shower a sophomore asked me to go to the kitchen where several freshmen and upperclassmen were chatting. They are nice but I actually started on my worsted habit which is “Retreat after suffering.” I know that nobody’s gonna wait for me to catch up with a conversation; I can’t help but stunning or looking (and behaving )rigid. I HATE MYSELF ON THAT! I’ve always the one who tell others to go for challenge, while most of the time my behavior acts  the opposite way.

Days before I chatted with my sister on our name. Her name is Li-Si, which is pretty easy and even sounds great in English (Like Lizzy; my sister didn’t like Lizzy though. She thought it sounded LAZY, and I have no idea on that.) Her name is actually “Alice” when written in Chinese, so she often use Alice when introducing. She does has a born name which is Winnie; both of use think Winnie (the pooh!) sounds like a gluttonous and lazy girl (I’m not offending. I apologize to all Winnies.)

Ok, why I mention the name? My name is Angela; thousands of people told me that I deserve a more unique and uncommon (which means special) name, like Ariel ,Alba, or Ada (I like the As). My sister once said that the only reason I fit this name is that I am generous (thanks : D) of anything. I like to help people (Prinsky knows that well) and teach everything I know. I acted more like an annoying grandma but I am trying to not to intervene as often as I was. Not until I prepared for dorm had I known that how bothering it is to follow ALL the suggestions.

Fine, I stray from the topic again. I am a outgoing person and I like to talk to people. I’m unabashed of asking questions and show my shortcomings. Nevertheless, when it comes to English I retreat. Knowing that I will not be like that had I studied more English and the only reason why I am rigid before EFL (English as first language)people is I was too lazy to work harder, I hate myself.

After moving to Boston I totally betrayed my promise to myself that I should started to study at least 3 hours everyday.  I HATE MYSELF! I used to be a diligent girl; I spent more time than any one else to get into MIT since I am neither a scientific girl nor  fluent in English (or even good at English) I was a girl who did more than any human could expected; now, I am even worse than normal people.

(Sorry for these complaining.)

OK, I’m leaving. I don’t think that I’ll study today (again……)

Final thing, I think I will definitely not reviewing any Calculus. e? ln? I’ll let it go; I don’t understand them.

I wasn’t even pay attention on Calculus when learning it. I skipped school for 1.5 months then.

I’m not scientific, I’m a normal girl who want to stay in Boston and study course 4. That’s all.

  1. Fen said:

    Hey,come on.
    Don’t be so pessimistic.

    Cheer up and enjoy your MIT life.
    Wish you embrace the future without fear and regret. 🙂

    • Thank you QoQ!

      I miss you so much!!!!
      Damn can you like call me at night with phone card; I’m pretty sure that’s gonna be cheaper.

      Love you!

  2. Lo said:

    you are really talkative = =
    i want to say much more, but the first comment i posted disapeared. so let me make the long short.
    i miss you,and i’m glad to have some information about you here.
    you take care,and i look forward to hear from you soon.

    (you’d better know who i am at first)

    • yinjwang said:

      I’m not as talktive OFTEN as much as you thought ….. (1/2 of the time I would like to hide in somewhere XD)
      Thank you for missing me 😀 I miss you too.
      You are a one-of-a-kind friend, you know.

  3. LO said:

    …not talkative just as you are tired.

    i don’t. what kind?please. it’d better be a good one.

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