Diary Sep. 5

This is bilingual!

Before the diary started, I would like to apologize for the never-gonna-be-finished “Maine Trip”.
在這篇文章開始之前,我要為我永遠都不會完成的“Maine Trip“網誌道歉orz.

Last day  I finally unpacked my baggages in my single-sized double. I couldn’t even tell it is whether that the furniture is too big or the room itself is too small ……  Maybe everyone (every freshman?) should have some extent of sacrifice to say in the coolest hall in East Campus (ex. serenity?).

Days before Tatiana and I decided to share a fridge since there is apparently no appropriate spaces in the public fridge, so I tried to do some research before going to Target. Nevertheless, in this morning she told me that she doesn’t want a fridge anymore!
Conclusion: I went to Target today but I didn’t buy it, cuz there were (almost) no fridge any more in the Target I went to lol.
幾天前我跟Tatiana(室友)決定要買冰箱(因為很明顯地公用冰箱沒有地方了 ),所以我試圖在Target網站查一下資料。沒想到今天早上她跟我說她不想要冰箱了@@!

Morning Jogging:
It’s very tiring to be serious on my schedule. For example, I should have spent time on “social affair” in the lounge last night, but I went to sleep since I had to have enough sleep in order to exercise this morning.
Today, I had a meeting w/ my sister at 10 a.m.
7:00 a.m. – 7:10 a.m. Wake up, brushing and washing
7:10 a.m. – 7:30 a.m. Walk from EC to Z center
7:30 a.m. – 8:45 a.m. 1 hr treadmill + 15 min elliptical
8:45 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. cool down + stretch
9:00 a.m. – 9:20 a.m. Walk back to EC
9:20 a.m. – 9:40 a.m. Shower
9:40 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Preparing

Conclusion: I’ve to spend 3 hrs on exercise, which is more time consuming than anyone would imagine.
Conclusion 2: what urged me to run one whole hour without boring to death is the truth that I ate 3 pieces of pizza and a huge portion of cookies for dinner.
Conclusion 3: I would definite have enough reason to run another hour tomorrow (today? ) since I ate 4 breads + a salad + 10 oz. steak + .5 baby blossom for dinner.
結論3:明天(今天)也會有足夠的原因繼續跑步……今天吃了4塊炸麵包+一份沙拉+ 10盎斯牛排+半科炸洋蔥當晚餐囧

iPod Touch and falling object:
This happened in my sister’s house today…..
She bought a MacBook Pro and a iPod Touch for free. I was dying for a Pro and I kept asking her if we could exchange computer and I would give money to her; apparently, the plan was in vain. I thought she would give me the iPod Touch for free, while she ended up sold it to me in $250 ……

Falling Object?
My sister tangled my MacBook wire with her chair, and when she moved her chair, my adorable Mac fell from a 3-feet-high desk and directly bumped to the ground.
I started to cry and didn’t even want to talk to my sister for the next hour.
【iPod Touch 和 自由落體】
她買了新的MacBook Pro and get a iPod Touch free。我超想要Pro的(Q口Q)然後我就一直問她我可不可以貼錢然後我們交換電腦……(想也知道不可能哭哭)我以為她會送我iPod Touch,結果我還是得用$250買回去…….



After enduring the terrible T-mobile in Cambridge area, I decided to change my provider to Verizon. I bought a LG with my line (Verizon use implanted SIM) which is supposed to be less than $200.
“Stuff Happens!”
The provider asked for a $400 deposit since my credit record is weak (I couldn’t even get a credit card of any bank!). Great! I only had $400 in my checking account, and less than $1000 in total, so this plan exploit 2/3 of my property lol.
Conclusion: I bought a 450min/ month and 500 texts/ month plan, so call me but not too much, and texts are all welcomed.
Conclusion 2: I get service in my room!!! Amazing!
在受不了T-Mobile 在Cambridge的超爛收訊之後,我決定要換成Verizon。Verizon的sim是燒在手機裡的所以一定要買他們的手機。我買了一台LG的手機。總價應該要少於$200,但……
因為我的信用紀錄不足(也不能辦信用卡)所以要付$400的押金。囧!我的checking account只有400,加上saving也不道$1000,所以買手機等於剝奪我2/3的財產呀@@
結論1:我買了450 min/ month + 500 texts/month的paln,所以不要常打給我,簡訊倒是無所謂噢XD


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