Second day of class, successful cooking!

The veggies (onion, tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes, and kiwi ) I bought in Tuesday (there is a veggie/fruit market at East Campus every Tuesday) dominated my meal in the rest of the week. Usually I microwaved yams or potatoes as my staple, and cut (or simply us tear ……) the lettuce as one portion of veggie.

I know what you’re trying to say….. don’t worry, I eat free food (= junk food) (like pizza) at dinner.

BUT, the dinner I have this night makes me so proud!!!

one potato
one tomato (smaller than a fist)
half onion
(side dish: lettuce)

1. cut tomato and onion into small cubes, potato in bigger chunk
2. put onion into the pot and stir it often until it changes color (yep, no oil! cuz I don’t have it!)
3. put potato in the pot, add water, cover the pot
4. put tomato in the pot, cover the pot
5. (when you are sick of standing in front of the stove) turn off the fire
6. Done!

some people in the hall say that the potato is hard, but I don’t think it is uncooked at all (I think they got the bigger chunk…..) It’s a magic that with onion and tomato, the dish doesn’t have to put any flavor anymore !!
And it is also great to have to onion+tomato with lettuce (instead of cheese or dressing)

I’m happy with that!

oh! of the class?

7.012(Bio) is fine
8.012(Phy)I love the professor!! He is awesome
18.01A(Cal) Haha….. challenging
21F.220(ESL)There are more grads than freshman XD (and they are all in course 4(Archtecture)! )
12.000(Terrascope)haven’t started yet

see you!


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