Fuck you Virginian captain.

Actually today is a very bad day of mine. (Yesterday was awesome, I will talk about it later, maybe……)

My Ridunkulous  audition sucks and my original choreography was dry and terrible. Most of the people in the audition are at least sophomores and most of whom are juniors who was in Dancetroupe or other dance crew before.

The audition itself was separated into two parts, one is six 8-steps and the other is original choreography. I was so bad at both two lol. I thought the contemporary I had in the Dancetroupe audition was bad enough, but this one was even worse lol. It was until then that I realized that how slowly I pick up a piece of dance. Maybe 50 classes were never enough, or maybe I should just simply appreciate that I was in Mocha Moves right now (I mean, I’m always appreciating that. Ridunkulous is just my dream.)

So I was sad enough before the fucking virginian spoke with a mouthful of shit. (sorry for such impolite usage.)

I have 28 pages to read for Terrascope (I know I could read a lighter piece for citation homework but I just feel like reading that since I believe it is helpful) and didn’t work on anything for the meeting tomorrow and now writing the fucking blog,

but I still go to work. I was good.

Last shift I got in total $875 from the alums, which I was very proud of :D. But today was kind of sad since, as answering machine always dominated the calls, sybunts and lybunts were either not available or being ridiculous.


Then the fucking call came.

(I should’ve notice that I’m now working as a tech caller who call the alums for the annual fund drive of MIT.)

“Capt” …. Ok, probably a caption, but I’ll still call him Mr.
His last name is kind of hard to pronounce ….. OK I’ll try.

Xing? What is it? Never mind, I’ll just read it.

Then I made the call.
Then I cried after that. Holy shit.

In general I don’t think I was inarticulate since I was very familiar of most of the lines (I’ve been repeating them at least 30 times). I did stunned at some point when pronouncing his last name and the “Xing” which turned out to be a “Crossing”. Probably he found out that I was not a native speaker since I was unable to say some of the English proper nouns right.

What he did was that, every time I finished a sentence, he said “I cannot understand a single word what you are talking about.” I have confidence (and it is obvious) in my pronunciation and sentence structure of those  lines, but he just kept stressing that he cannot understand my English so I have to speak very slow and (I promise) clearly.

So I cut down to the last reason of my call, which is annual fund drive. And here is what he said,

“You know, I don’t enjoy this conversation because I cannot understand what you are talking about. I would rather have another conversation with other people than you. This is a bad communication so I do think it would be better to go back to my work for tomorrow than wasting time on this phone call.”

Holy crap.

I know there might be some huge problem in other phone calls but definitely not this one, then how could he insult me like that? The moment I got this job I prepared myself for such responses. The moment I made my first phone call I knew I had to be strong.

But I crushed down. Very badly.


I was glad that that phone call was made in the last five minutes of my shift (After that call I got 5 answering machine and one not available, which was not that “voice committed”.) so I could weep (or in fact seriously sob) after my job. The supervisor and my coworkers kept cheering me up, which was warm :). Thank you guys though you do not read my blog.

What I angry about is that, let’s say it: I, myself, don’t think I DESERVED the insult at that time. On some calls I was terribly stammering; I would definitely felt more calm if I was criticized at those situation. I mean, one cannot simply playing with your English when he or she noticed that you’re not a native speaker.

OK, I should stop complaining since apparently I have to work on my Terrascope lol.  (Ohh… I want to sleep before 12:30!!! which is impossible lol.)

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  1. Ruth said:

    Hi Angela,

    You might say “YOU XXXX VIRGINIAN CAPTAIN” and not this heading.

    I know you are very angry and sad for this experience. It is a kind of insulting. I know the feeling is very bad. But please not/never use the dirty words in spoken nor in writing. “Habit is the second nature”. Never let the ugly words ruin your good article. You loose the game if you use inappropriate words against your enemy. A successful man often has many enemies.

    EQ is very important. You might learn how to handle this situation and not to get mad. It may be very difficult for you at the first time. I have confidence in you that you will find the way.

    I believe that XXXX Virginian captain might receive this kind of telephone call every year for the annual fund drive of MIT. He might not want to donate money and he tries to fool the student by saying that “You know, I don’t enjoy this conversation because I cannot understand what you are talking about.”

    Of course, he understood. He might have been using this way for many years. You are not the first one – “the victim’. 😉 😉

    I love you.

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