OK, another weekly journal

This week (OK, let’s include the long weekend) was actually peaceful. No exam, just a couple of annoying psets. Something new happened, and somehow I know more people (it should happen everyday in MIT though).

I can’t quite remember the exact order of incidences on the long weekend, so the order might be ready random.

I think it is on Saturday night I cooked for Morgan (since she wanted to have a dinner talk and apparently I was poor.)  I made some Korean Kimchi pancake (shit, it’s edible, and it’s delicious) and (I think) fried potatoes w/ miso pork and yam leaves. I went to her single (in Baker) and had the longest Chinese (Taiwanese?) conversation on campus so far XD.

She said I was being too antisocial. Yeah, maybe. I’ve never had a comparably “many” friends for my whole life, and I don’t think in MIT this situation’s gonna change. I’ve been thinking for a while about this and every time the conclusion remained the same — I am who I am; I tried, I may have struggled, and I failed (or just never had an appealing personality?)

This is probably the last time I mention such stuff (cuz I’m really tired of this topic.) Anyways. I will try to chat up w/ more people (Caro, “chatting w/ people is healthy :D”), w/out bothering my schedule.

(Basically on this Thursday I broke my schedule for “trying to be social”, and I felt very bad about that.)

Back to the story, after that I went to a party-like stuff, and …… yeah. Party’s just like that. It was not bad but I was kind of pissed off w/my (stepped on) glasses.

The day after that (I think it’s Sunday) I woke up around 10 and went to Sport Tae Kwon Do and Mocha practice in the afternoon. Nothing specific happened.

Hanged out w/ Dad on Monday, and worked at night.

Tuesday: Adorable Seminar and ESP meeting.

The seminar-like meeting is held by a Christian association, while the topics are more about (so far) the definition of justice and further discussion. There are now only 3-4 people, and members know one another pretty well! Had I not gone to the ice cream party, and had Jasmine not been interested with my pov, I would not join such awesome (and cozy :D) seminar. I really like Jasmine, Daniel, and Sarah :D. This is definitely one activity I will try to make every week!

Somebody ordered pizza on Tuesday …. (which means I would never be full lol ) and until then I realized that “Droplet”(a program teaching 8th graders in Lawrence School) was just around the corner lol. Great, freak out, nervous.

And she just couldn’t help but forgetting her keys the 4th time after school started.

Wednesday: Cooked dinner for Sophia Li (from TFG>>NTU) and skipped practice for Terrascope workshop.

Thurday: work, and went to physic pset party after work. went back to dorm at 1:20 a.m., retarded.

Friday: no jogging this day :(((( . Droplet happened.

I taught Mitosis. There were only 8 kids in my class and most (all?) of which are spanish. I ended my class 20 minutes before it should end so I stared to chat up with kids (I was a lame teacher lol) since they were apparently distracted by hunger (or because my lecture was lame). They seemed to be interested w/ my “international student” identity and asked several question of my background. The most interesting question was, “are you smart?” haha ……  I told them I am not (comparing w/ those super insane international students lol). Anyway.

Friday night I went to the TKD practice (finally……), and it was in CW, a studio 15 minutes walk from MIT (not bad). There were a lot of awesome alums and I was again impressed by the attitude of Sport Tae Kwon Do. One interesting thing, there was a senior of high school came from Pen. just for MIT tournament !!!! Hope she can get in MIT. She will be awesome :D.

OK, laundry done, get to pick up my laundry and sleep 😀 !! See u.

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  1. LO said:

    happy birthday to u~

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