Happy Birthday!!!

Don’t worry, this is definitely gonna be bilingual (English/ Chinese).

I am actually a big fan of Facebook (yeah…… somehow a little bit addicted lol), so it’s nice to see all you guys wish me Happy Birthday. Miss you so much!!! (MIT friends and TFG friends!!!)

上了MIT之後真的有點Facebook 中毒orz,不過看到你們的Happy Birthdays 真的很開心=D。很想你們噢!!

Today is basically nothing special but a small celebration on our hall. It happened at 1:oo a.m., with three Birthday pancakes (made by Birthday babies’ “roommates(defined as roommates or boy/girlfriends)”) and showering (yeah, tetazoo loves water as well as fire). In the morning I worked out as I usually did. I tried the sweet potato balls I made last weekend for breakfast; they basically failed since they were too soft (too much potato starch lol) and too tasteless ( I didn’t add sugar). I wore TFG uniform during the day, with feedbacks like  “interesting outfit”, “really cute”, or “oh! TFG!” Several upperclassman in my writing class recognized my uniform and then I noticed that there are actually many Taiwanese in my class lol. Afternoon went as usual, so was my shift. If there is anything worth mentioning, it would be that I ate in total twice to three time as I usually do lol. Now I’m in front of my laptop enjoying the last hour of my birthday.

今天其實沒甚麼特別。今晨一點在我們宿舍有小小的生日派對+3個生日蛋糕(rules: made by 室友或男/女朋友),既然是tetazoo就免不了showering壽星(tetazoo喜歡火跟水)。早上一樣跑跑步機。早餐額外煮了假日做的地瓜圓,基本上很失敗因為太軟+沒味道。之前就決定生日當天要穿制服:D,大家的反應都還可以啦…….(反正也沒幾個人發現)在我的寫作班原來有很多台灣人耶(看到北一制服有熟悉感XD)!!下午就跟平常一樣,晚上也差不多。如果有什麼特別的事應該就是我今天吃了in total 平常兩倍的份量吧lol。現在就只是在電腦前面緩慢的渡過生日的最後一小時。

Happy Birthday also to Sally Lo (7-year friend lol) and Sasha Targ (amazing!).

Tmr’s gonna be as usual =u=.

See you!


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