After finals :D

ahh ……. I feel like I’ve abandon my blog for a long time. So here i am 😀

agenda(what the fuck …….)
-ATS election
-TKD video(that killed me so badly)/TKD banquet
-winter break+IAP

ATS election)

I just want to say that …… i’m a co-cultural chair with Morgan :D. Hope I can really introduce Taiwanese culture to MIT/Boston students. (That kind of push me to read Taiwanese news XDD since I don’t look for it.)

TKD video)

So, every year TKD has a(two?) end-of-the-term banquet, and there’s a slideshow of all activities in the semester. The banquet itself was on the Friday right before the final week, but, anyway, I made it.
[the tkd account is currently locked right now lol]


So, the thing is that I got 61% before taking the final part into the account so I can definitely pass it without final…..
However I got a shitty 52 on my final which makes my average into a 74 …… which is a B. (Or more accurately a PASS)
Never mind ……

It hasn’t come out yet …..  but to get an overall 60 I think I need 60/200 on my final …..

164/200. I don’t really care …..  as long as i can pass it 😀

Winter break + IAP)

to be continued……

BTW, yesterday (or this morning lol) ‘s kind of awesome. I haven’t had a really deep conversation for a long time. Thx Daisy and Ned.


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