21M.675 Dance Theory and Composition

First class today.
Jason. Alex. Tamika. Anikia. and I; wow 5/17 are in mocha 🙂

When I signed up for this class, I knew the dances/choreos are going to be more, not to say of contemporary, jazz, or any specific genre (though it is always harder to else, about abstract topics. I think this is a good chance for me to regard “dancing/choreography” as a subject or a department (?), and also, a good chance to push me forward in terms of becoming a choreographer.

Well. I did see that. Some sort of impotent. Impotent in doing full out or impotent in defeating fears or developing ambition. But I’m not going any further on this topic.

I thought of Prinsky (dang, i don’t really know your English name; prinsky is not a name …..) during warmup. “She must have had such exercise every day.” I will never do drama (what she devotes herself to), so I will never know how it is like as an actor/actress. While I believe they should be very similar, drama and dance, for they can be both straight-forward and abstruse, short and long, big and small, loose and dense.

Loose and Dense, in terms of mental affinity.
(I don’t even know if “mental affinity” is a legit (compound) word, but, anyway.)

Being sentimental to relationships and expectations was more a fact than a choice to me, and all of which were brought out merely through writing (or precisely, proses). Unavoidably, though, to be honest, intentionally, I left this only medium in Taiwan, by which its form is given. Seeds of writing were buried in a soil without humus of their kind; therefore, they have never sprouted in “the New World.”

“Do as the Romans do.”
It does not fully define my recent lifestyle, or my ideal lifestyle in somewhere “new”, but to some extent most of my behaviors or decision-making can be explained in this fashion. Instead of saying that I want to fit in to a new community (and disregard the old one), I would say I hope I can make the most of myself in such limited lifespan. I certainly appreciate my “previous” lifestyle – sentimental, productive (in terms of works), precocious (debatable …..), and there is no way that I would ever regret that, yet I decided to make it loose, like pressing a button or closing my eyes when the plane took off, to cut off all the connections and become a normal person, just like what i am to be in Alex’s dance.

Let the urban sprawl overwhelm.

Anyway, I should stop lingering around.

Prof. Cruz asked us for introduction. I did aerobic dance. I was planning to do TKD also but it seemed that I performed a period instead of a semicolon.
I heard some applause (mostly out of courtesy) and some good words from Prof. Cruz,
for my performance.

I’m not an alcoholic,  but my cabinets is filled with bottles of great wine and vodka; no water, no juice, no soda, no tea, no milk,
but alcohol.

I want to serve water,  to show my purity.
I want to serve  juice, to show my vigor.
I want to serve soda, to show my excitement.
I want to serve tea, to show my steadiness, and milk, simply because I like it.

But alcohol stays forever in my cabinet without decay. Water, juice, soda, tea and milk, spoiled before they can ever be served or, found.

I know my life is going to be dense again.

1 comment
  1. deb said:

    that’s good 🙂
    but do you put alcohol is your cabinets for decoration or you drink it everyday? XD

    yeah…. I want to make the most of myself in such limited lifespan…

    let’s talk sometime 🙂

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