Couldn’t stay in my room anymore around 4:30 pm, I decided to go out and find a Starbucks/somewhere with good couches, have a coffee, and read my book. (If you know me well enough, you will remember that I don’t have any chair or desk for work in my room.*) So the legal seafood is open (some lady even asked me for direction around the corner), and the Kendall Starbucks is closed : “find the nearest open Starbucks : Davis Square.” Fine. Then I thought of the green lounge next to lobby 10. Unfortunately, it was occupied with a group of Indian(-looking) tourists. I was not as much terrified as when the break first started, but I left since I didn’t want to be their “part of MIT.”
Asian tourists occupied campus.
It’s sarcastic that I don’t feel myself really Asian every time I see Chinese tourists and overhearing the guide “introducing” MIT in a fancy version.


Passing through the infinite, I turned right and walked along Mass Ave. I know flour is closed today, but I just want to see what else is open today: Chicago Pizza(surprisingly), indian restaurants, Japanese/Korean Market, the convenient store near the gas station, PuPu hot pot. I was to walk to the Dunkin Donut in central but I gave up after I saw McDonald’s closed. By the way, there was absolutely no traffic.

The convenience store sort of rang the bell to me, so I walked to the 7-11 at Kendall to get my coffee. I actually sat there for around an hour, drawing something related to “cuddle.” The clerk there seemed to be very interested and interrupted  me several times, but I was too lazy to make a conversation.

MIT is 24-7 for the students throughout the semester. I remember the Sunday when La Verdes was closed for the water leakage/whatever on Mass Ave, I somehow felt “abandoned.”(I was in the studio fighting with 4.500) “Even La Verdes is not open (for me).” It sounds sad but it was so true for me at the moment. It doesn’t matter whether I am actually pulling an all-nighter; it is just a feeling that, at least somewhere is open and somebody is (if you think of it in this way) waiting for you.

Surprisingly the hour in 7-11 was quite nice. With chairs (!!!!!), proper light, and a sense of “24-7”.

Maybe I need to cuddle. with. umm. no idea.



12/25 in her room


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