2012 New Year resolution

(not in the order of importance)

#1 Bring positive energy to people : SMILE! LAUGH!

#2 Be disciplined/responsible : meet the deadline

#3 Live beyond expectation : you can do more

#4 No hesitation : just do it

#5 Get fit : first step is no excessive amount of/junk food

#6 Meet more people : physically* (and make friends with them)

#7 Be confident : sometimes*

#8 Be humble : as always

#9 Break the Skype-phobic : call my parents more often

#10 (keep it to myself)

I thought I only had five when I was watching the firework at 12:00am, while I guess I’m very greedy and selfish in a way that all the wishes are of myself …… and conservative since they are mostly very general and hard to judge ll ….. now the list has come to 10.

There are many more wishes that I could’ve made for example:

#11 get my GPA back to 4.3

#12 get an internship and earn actual money for my parents

#13 be outside of Boston for at least a month in the summer

#14 (school) (please) get more space for Dancetroupe

#15 Get/persuade my parents to travel abroad together

#16 Make neater/cleaner/more stable models

#17 Spend less money

#18 Dance hard, dance better

#19 Throw away the things I don’t need

#20 Help more people





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