Single Lady

Some thoughts from/after a roomie/girl’s talk (sorry Kristin, I love you!).

“I don’t think I like being single, but I’ve also never not been single. So this is debatable.”

“Sometimes you just want a person to constantly care about you, like, texting in the middle of the day or always knowing something went wrong on you before you mention it. It’s because he/she wants to, not that you asked for it.”

“I’m aggressive in almost everything in my life but this.”

“It’s not even you want to be entitled as his ‘girlfriend’ or showoff. It’s not an obligation either. It’s something you always want to do and you do it when you think about it. If you care about it enough then it will just happen.”

“The statement ‘I can’t date(?) you because I don’t have time’ is a total bullshit. Dating is not like psetting or taking tests; it’s not physical.”

(well no credit to Kristin. These are what I think at the end of the day.)

Oh and another case I just finished for VUSE. I sat with it for a very long time after I drew the draft because I was struggling with the details. I ended up not adding any details to the drawing; it looks really bad but hopefully the client will understand it ……

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  1. 人瑋 said:

    They’re totally right, but not everyone understand these things.

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