Don’t worry, this is definitely gonna be bilingual (English/ Chinese).

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After arranging all the furniture w/ my roommate, I have to say that her idea is far better than mine (though I would probably suffer some inconvenience = ^ =”) Let’s see the picture!
傢具大搬風噢!這樣的arrangement 是比以前好啦,不過我的位置整個就是比較不好=口=(搞得我姊很生氣,因為我的位置似乎風水超差@@)。

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在FAP(Freshman Arts Program)裡我慢慢找到一點自己的自信摟:D!超級慶幸自己有報FAP的!(媽妳的$275是值得的QoQ)

FAP 活動到禮拜六,所以在這之前我可能都不會上線或寫新網誌(雖然我很久沒寫了lol)。


I can somehow find my confidence back in FAP (Freshman Arts Program) :D! I’m so glad that I assigned for FAP (thanks mom, your $275 is worthy)!

FAP program lasts till this Saturday, so I might not gonna be online or post something new (though I haven’t for days lol) in the future 4 to 5 days.

For those who miss me, “I miss you more than you miss me.” is all I could say.
See ya! xoxo